HP iLO Reset via SSH

HP iLO Reset via SSH


Login with ssh to iLO IP.

cd /map1

ssh adminuser@
The authenticity of host ' (' can't be established.
RSA key fingerprint is 8d:cb:23:ab:7a:ea:97:d2:23:6e:1a:1a:08:77:18:39.
+---[RSA 1024]----+
|                 |
|   .             |
|  E              |
|   +     o       |
|. o .   S .      |
| o o   o +       |
|  . ....+        |
|    .o*oo        |
|   .=*o*.        |
No matching host key fingerprint found in DNS.
Are you sure you want to continue connecting (yes/no)? yes
Warning: Permanently added '' (RSA) to the list of known hosts.
adminuser@'s password: 
User:tech logged-in to ILOCZ2323E3HD.( / FE80::2358:D0FF:FE3C:23EC)
iLO 4 Advanced 2.02 at  Sep 05 2014
Server Name: servername
Server Power: Off

Based on customer feedback, we will be enhancing the SSH command line
interface in a future release of the iLO 4 firmware.  Our future CLI will
focus on increased usability and improved functionality.  This message is
to provide advance notice of the coming change.  Please see the iLO 4 
Release Notes on www.hp.com/go/iLO for additional information.

hpiLO-> cd /map1

Thu Oct 15 06:11:49 2015


hpiLO-> reset

Thu Oct 15 06:11:53 2015

Resetting iLO.

CLI session stopped
Received disconnect from 11:  Client Disconnect

HP Proliant PXE boot multible NICs

HP Proliant PXE boot multible NICs. If you have a server with more than one NIC and you like to boot not only from the first interface. Then you must turn this on in the Bios and in the NIC firmware.

Press F9 during POST to get into the system BIOS menu (ROM-Based Setup Utility).


Follow the menus from System Options > Embedded NICs > NIC X Boot Options.
Select the NIC you wish to boot from and flip the Network Boot flag.


Now you must enable PXE Boot also in the interface firmware. Wait for the message and press strg + s.

Screenshot - 01282015 - 04:07:20 PM

Now you are in the firmware setting menu. Enable PXE on the interface you like.

Screenshot - 01282015 - 04:18:02 PM