gem mirror – gemirro


Gemirro is a Ruby application that makes it easy way to create your own RubyGems mirror without having to push or write all gem you wanted in a configuration file. It does mirroring without any authentication and you can add your private gems in the gems directory. More, to mirroring a source, you only need to start the server, and gems will automaticly be downloaded when needed.

Gemirro will start on port 2000. I should proxy it via nginx.

Install the gem gemirro:

gem install gemirro

Create your mirror:

gemirro init /srv/mirror/gems/

Create a gemirro index:

gemirro index

Start the server:

gemirro server --start

Show the status:

gemirro server --status

Stop the server:

gemirro server --stop

Start the server with a http/s proxy:

https_proxy="" gemirro server --start

Github gemirro